KISS Me, Laundry!

I have a problem. Ok, ok…I have many. That’s why I’m here, but one of my biggest is that I’m not exactly the neatest person on the planet. Luckily for my roommates I am a courteous slob, but in my room, my domain as it were, things tend to sort of just…land where they land. And stay there. For a long time.

It may come as no surprise to you that I tend to end up with some laundry on the floor. Like, all of it. Believe it or not, this is the project that started it all.After years of hoarding my quarters to sacrifice to the Shared Laundry Gods, I’ve gotten so that I only need to do laundry every two weeks or so. Two weeks worth of laundry just happens to be just about double the amount that will fit in my clothes hamper. See where I’m going here?

After a few days of diligently putting my dirty clothes in their proper place it was bursting at the seams, overflowing to encompass my entire floor. I’m pretty sure there are still some stray socks hiding under my bed. Finally this new year, a light bulb went off. More hampers!

Before you proceed, know that I am NOT a photographer. You will not see beautiful, awe inspiring photos in this blog. Just “look what I did, Ma!” point and shoot.

K? Onto the pics then…

Two shiny new clothes hampers!

One divided into whites and colors, another for darks. Together the cost about $20. And the old one now stores extra blankets and pillows that would avalanche on my head every time I opened my closet. Win!

Too small for two weeks of clothes, just right for extra blankies!

How am I doing with the new system? So far, so good. Or, at least much better. And, hey, it only took 20 some years to figure it out.

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2 Responses to KISS Me, Laundry!

  1. moxiedoesit says:

    YAY!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it stays organized! I made a clothing system (my biggest trouble was the “clothes that have been worn but aren’t dirty yet” pile that morphed into the dirty pile…ack!) but sail the failboat at actually remembering to stick to it.

    And I lol’d at “courteous slob” — I’ve searched for years for the phrase to describe my cleaning style…that’s perfect!! 🙂

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