KISS Me, Budget!

Is there anyone out there who can honestly make a budget and stick to it? If so, please make yourself known so I can bow down to you! It’s never been a skill I’ve been able to master. So this year I’ve decided to, like with so many other things, make it so stupidly easy to stay on budget that I cannot possibly fail!

One of my goals for the last several years has been to save more, and I got off to a good start by having a portion of my paycheck direct deposited straight into my savings account. Can’t see, can’t spend. But I still always seemed to spend more than I intended. Maybe by tapping into my gas fund to buy shoes, for example. This year I’m going to try to do even more, and I’m going back to basics.

The day: Friday
The Destination: ATM/Gas Station
The Mission: Take out exactly what I intend to spend for the upcoming week and fill my tank.

Look, Ma! No credit!

And that is the only time I’m allowed to have my Debit/Credit card in my wallet. Yep. I’m going that far.

I know what  you’re thinking…”Survive without plastic?! That’s like living without a cell phone! How will you ever do it! What if there’s an emergency?!”

Have no fear, readers, I am keeping my uber-high-interest-rate would-rather-slit-my-wrists-than-use-voluntarily store credit card in my wallet for if I ever truly needed it. And, on a typical day I’m never further than 6 miles from home.

Fun Money!

At the end of the week, whatever money I have left goes into the “Fun Money Fund” to spend at my discretion at a later date. This week, I had a whopping $7.

You can expect an update in a few weeks as to how my little Fun Fund is growing…hopefully?

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