KISS Me, Impulse Shopping!

So far, so good with the new budget plan! This week I had $26 left to put in my Fun Money Fund! I’m planning to do an official update at the end of each month to check in on some of the ongoing projects, so expect to hear more about any progress in that department later on. For now, let’s talk about shopping!

Budget control almost always equals shopping control, which was part of my plan for my new money rules. Since I no longer keep plastic in my wallet, I have to think smarter about my purchases. Impulse control has always been a struggle for me when it comes to shopping. I think of something I “really need” and rush out and get it that day without thinking twice. That is simply no longer an option.

To curb my impulsive ways, I’ve started keeping an “I Want!” list on a “sticky note” (if you don’t have Windows 7 yet, you might not have this application, but it’s genius!) on my desktop which includes where I can get it and how much it costs. This system has several advantages.

First of all, I don’t act on anything until the end of the week, which gives me several days to stew on it and decide how much I really need a second crock pot, or yet another pair of super cute shoes that I know I’ll never wear.

Secondly, I can only buy it if I have enough money left over at the end of the week or it’s worth enough to dip into my Fun Money Fund. It has to be really really important (in theory) for me to take my credit card out of hiding.

Bakery fresh rye bread!

So far, it’s working pretty well. All two weeks of it. The first two items on my list were a bread knife and a second, smaller crock pot. It’s weird, I know, but the bread knife I really did need! Trycutting  this beautiful loaf of crusty bread with steak knife and then you’ll see it my way! Since I had a $5 Target gift card, that one was an easy win. After much searching and not finding a crock in the size I wanted, I decided that wasn’t worth it after all.

Some other items on the “I Want” list include a few cookbooks, a new jewelry box, better sports bras (which is currently the front runner) and a loaf pan. Exciting, eh?

What are you wanting for these days?


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