First Flop, Another Win!

I know I said that at the end of the month I was going to do a recap of all the projects I’ve been working on, and I still am, but I had a fail flop so epic this week that I just had to share. I’m refusing to call it a fail because fail implies the end. This is just a little…hiccup. A big monster hiccup.

Get on with it, Kristin? Ok…

I. Totally. Blew. My. Budget.

Yeah. It’s so gone. And then some. Remember how I said that new sports bras were at the top of my “I Want” list? While it’s true that I really do need them, I may have gotten a little over excited about it.

You see, I’m a…well endowed…gal, and my $12 Target sports bras just haven’t been cutting it for my new ramped-up work outs. So, I did my homework, found exactly the ones I wanted, figured I would maybe get 2 to start although I really wanted 4, and then, armed with my knowledge, I went to Kohls. Where they were $42 a pop. Way more than I thought. I only had $57 to play with. And I was crushed.

Until I remembered that there’s an outlet store (relativity) nearby! So I drive 40 minutes and find the same bras for $10 less AND BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF! Which means if I’m going to get 2, I might as well just get 4 right? 4 for the price of 3!

Don’t judge me. You know you’ve been there. And if you’re better at math than I am, you’ll know that I spent a little over $100. Which is way more than $57. And somehow also managed to spend the rest of the 20-some dollars in my weekly budget and nearly half my Fun Fund on some kitchen gadgets and a Valentine’s day present for my beau.

Good work, Kristin. Well played. Now I have to figure out how I’m going to make up for this little shopping snafu. Baby steps, right?

Now for the good news, because no one likes a downer.

My co-workers and I didn’t make it to spinning today for various work-related reasons (again, off to a great start!) and I was bummed, but not really. I mostly just wasn’t feeling the exercise thing and was more feeling the stuff myself with chocolate cookies thing.

I still wasn’t really feeling it when I left work even though I already had my stuff all packed up in my car, so I went home and made dinner instead. You know what? After dinner I felt better! And I went to the gym! And I did the torture machine (aka elliptical) for 45 minutes! Almost long enough to make up for all the cookies. And the piece of cake. Almost.

Apparently Tuesday is “talk about the exercise thing that you weren’t going to talk about in this blog” day. Maybe I’ll keep it. 🙂

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