Monthly Update: February

As promised earlier in my blog, I’m going to try at the end of every month to do a recap of any ongoing projects.

Here we go, February!

Overall grade: C+

Laundry: A-
For the most part, I’ve done really well keeping the laundry in the hampers and off the floor. Except for the last time I did laundry when I never took the clean laundry out of the “darks” hamper. Oops. It makes doing laundry about 10,000 times easier, so if anyone out there doesn’t have a laundry sorter yet, give it a try!

Pantry/Grocery shopping: A-
Again, doing a pretty good job keeping things organized here. I’ve definitely cut down on my grocery bills the last few weeks. To piggy back on last week, yesterday I bought 8 grocery items. I could have kept it at 5 except that I happened to run out of cooking spray, canola oil and eggs all in the same week. Good thing they were all on sale!

Budget/Impulse shopping: F
It seems that for every penny I’m saving at the grocery store, I’m spending 3 on other things. Between replacing my workout wardrobe, going crazy at my local going-out-of-business Borders (sad, but good thing there are 2 more in town) and splurging on a real salon haircut, I’ve managed to spend a pretty sum. I also just found out that I have a job interview next week! And while I’m super excited about it, I spend the whole weekend shopping for something to wear.

I really want to do better on this next month. Any ideas?

Exercise: D
With all the money I’d spent on workout gear, you’d think I’d be ready and pumped up to go. Guess not.

That’s it for this month! More new stuff soon!

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1 Response to Monthly Update: February

  1. darlinjackie says:

    Kristin, I love this update! It’s always good to evaluate where you’ve been so you can see where you’re going. I think I may incorporate this into my home journal just to stay on top of things. Way to go!

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