Kristin Doesn’t Count

When I started this blog, I swore I wouldn’t make the focus on diet, exercise or weight loss, but as you can probably tell by the 8 month gap in activity, I lost a little steam somewhere along the way. Turns out, what I really want is to be in better shape, to feel more comfortable in my body and I want some support to keep me accountable in my journey. That being said, from here forward, you’ll see a shift in the content of this blog with a bigger focus on eating, exercise and health. Don’t worry though, I’ll still ramble on about all sorts of topics, Personal Finance probably being the second most common.

To keep in line with my theme (and because I’ve tried more ‘conventional’ means and I get fed up too quickly) I’m going to try something new this time. I’m not counting anything. Not calories eaten, not minutes spent on the treadmill, nothing. Numbers get me all worked up. I’ve even decided that I’m going to put my scale away until December 20th. I’m not going to weigh or measure anything. When I keep a budget, once I go one cent into the red I throw everything out the window, and the same has been true on the last five years in my quest for a slimmer, healthier me. My check-ins will be completely number free. I’m going to set one number-free goal a week and that’s all I have to worry about.

The format will be as follows:

How I feel:

I will bold anything that is “off-goal”. Goals do not carry over from week to week (unless specified, but the idea is to keep it simple). At the end of the week, I’ll give myself a grade on whether I passed my goal or not.

Watch for my check in later!

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