I Cheated…or did I?

So, day one and I think I already cheated. Or maybe I didn’t. I had class last night (6 to 9, gotta love it) and in my traffic-hell of a commute, didn’t have time to stop home for dinner. So, banking on good intentions, I packed some hummus and pita bread in my lunchbox to munch on during my drive. And then I left it sitting under my desk at work. Bravo, Kristin.

Normally, I would just drive thru somewhere, but since that would absolutely be cheating, I decided to stop at a grocery store on the way and pick up…more hummus and pita! The purpose of my goal was mainly not to eat out, but also served to keep me from spending any more money this week since I have exactly…nothing left in my budget for this week. So what do we think? Cheating or not?

THEN True to my family’s style, I got a text message this morning from my Mom instructing me to meet her at an undetermined restaurant for my Grandma’s Bday dinner. Thanks for the head’s up, Ma! Who needs planning anyway? My 80 something year old grandmother is TOTALLY screwing up the plan! Such is life, eh? 😉

Here’s the stats for yesterday:

Goal: Eat only what I have in the house

Sleep: Not enough
Exercise: None
Food: Veggie egg scramble, banana, sunflower seeds, leftover Katsudon, pita & hummus, Fro-yo, more pita & hummus, red beans and rice with a little cheese and sour cream, apple sauce.
Water: Good
Vitamins: Multi, Vit D, Fish Oil
Weather: Warm but gray

How I feel: Tired & Bloated

And for today:

Sleep: Better than yesterday, but still woke up late
Exercise: None
Food: Veggie egg scramble, banana, sunflower seeds, 2 pieces Halloween candy (Whoppers and Starburst if you were wondering) Fro-yo, rice & bean tacos (w/cheese and sour cream), a lonely tortilla, diet Pepsi, Red Robin BBQ Chicken Wrap w/Fries, 2 Apple Pie bites
Not enough to overcome Red Robin
Vitamins: Multi, Vit D, Fish oil
Weather: Rain, sun, rain rain, cold, warm, rain, COLD! Gotta love Michigan.

How I feel: Better 🙂

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