Exercise and Eating out

Because I didn’t mention it before, I wanted to make a note that my weeks for my goals is going to be from Friday to Friday. Since I get paid on Fridays, it makes the most sense to plan my finances that way. I figure it will be easiest to keep everything on the same calendar.

However, I’ve been considering extending my goals longer than a week. I feel like a week isn’t enough of a challenge? And it certainly isn’t long enough to make a habit out of anything. I’m thinking 2 weeks? A month? Maybe a combo of one short term and one longer term goal? What do you think?

Regardless of what I ultimately decide about the length of my goals, I am definitely going to extend my current “eat at home” goal. It has been really hard for me to stick to my guns, and I haven’t even been totally vigilant! This challenge has got me thinking about why I choose to eat out so much, and why it such a hard habit to break.

  • Habit. My family growing up was a typical over-stimulated, hyper busy one. My sister and I were both in a million activities each, and as a result we were always grabbing meals on the go.
  • Convenience. Everyone knows it’s easier to have someone else do the cooking.
  • Social. The reason for my two “slip-ups” this week. Eating is the #1 social activity in my circle.
  • Variety. Cooking for one is hard! A girl can only eat Monday’s leftovers for so long.

When it comes down to it, eating out really should be special treat, not an everyday occurrence. Not only is it (usually) unhealthy, but it’s also a total money suck. How do you feel about eating out?

Today’s Stats:

Goal: Eat only what I have in the house

Sleep: Plenty. I heart Saturday!
Exercise: I actually made it to the gym! My girlfriend Rachel and I power walked on the treadmills
Food: Banana, crackers & hummus, red beans and rice tacos with a little cheese and sour cream, apple sauce, Subway 6″ turkey, Green Giant individual veggie serving, popcorn, chocolate.
Water: Not nearly enough
Vitamins: I just realized I don’t even have any here at the house. I’ll need to bring some from the office.
Weather: Heard it was nice out, but i barely went out.

How I feel: Lazy and lovin’ it.

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