Conscious Consumer: An Egg-Cellent Example

For anyone who’s been paying attention to my daily check-ins, you may have noticed that while I’m not exactly a health food nut, I’m not exactly stuffing my face with pizza and ding-dongs everyday, either (minus they fro-yo and chocolate). I do try to be conscious about what I put in my body, especially now that there’s the potential for the entire bloggosphere to see it!

I’m really into the local food movement…in theory. In reality, I’m cheap and lazy. However, a few weeks ago I was in Whole Foods getting some dinner and decided to pick up some eggs while I was there. Today, while making my breakfast egg bake (recipe below) I cracked the last of my fancy, cage free WF eggs in with some regular, run of the mill eggs.

Free Range vs "Conventional" Eggs

What a difference! I wish I’d taken my own picture, but the color really was that drastic. I had to google to make sure they were safe to eat! Who really wants to eat that egg on the right? After this dozen is gone, not me. Even cage free eggs are a steal compared to other protein sources.

The next items I would like to transition into buying more consciously are the produce “Dirty Dozen” aka fruits and veggies you should always buy organic. I also waffle back and fourth on buying higher quality meat, but that could require a serious look at my current budget.

As I run out of things, I’m also slowly switching my cleaning products over to naturally derived ones. Are you doing anything to be more conscious about your purchases?

Continue reading for today’s check-in and my egg bake recipe!

Sunday, Nov 13

Goal: Eat only what I have in the house

Sleep: Stayed up later than I have in a while…but it’s Sunday, so all is good. I napped 😀
Exercise: Does 3 hours of arguing with the most stubborn human being on the planet count as exercise?
Food: Veggie egg bake, granola bar, Mac ‘n Cheese from a box, applesauce, graham crackers.
Water: Trying to do better on the weekends.
Vitamins: Nada.
Weather: Warm, but windy and grey.

How I feel: Like my day is wasted. Sigh.

Generic Egg Bake Recipe

What I like most about this is that it is completely customizable. The potential combination of veggies/meat/cheese is endless!

Egg Bake

Finished Egg Bake

– 6 Eggs
– A splash of milk
– 1 cup of shredded cheese
– Veggies/Meat of your choice

I especially like onion, green pepper, tomatoes and mushrooms.

1) Chop veggies/meat into a small dice. Saute until soft.

2) Beat eggs with a splash of milk until frothly. Season as desired (I like a little fajita seasoning in mine) and pour into a lightly greased 9″x9″ baking dish.

3) Add in the sauteed veggies. Mix to combine. Sprinkle with cheese.

4) Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until the edges are slightly brown and the egg has puffed up (it will deflate as it cools).

5) Allow to cool and cut into 6 pieces. Wrap individually and freeze. They reheat surprisingly well in the microwave in about 60 seconds.

Enjoy your low calorie, high protein breakfast!

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