Monday Temptations + Squash Soup recipe

Today’s Stats:

Goal: Eat only what I have in the house

Sleep: I put the flannel sheets on my bed this weekend. They are MIGHTY hard to get out of in the morning. Remind me again why humans can’t hibernate in the winter months?
Exercise: Nope.
Food: Granola bar, sunflower seeds, squash soup, Nut Thins crackers,1 piece chocolate, chocolate cake, beef stroganoff w/noodles, side salad, banana
Water: Not nearly enough
Vitamins: Multi, Vit D, Fish oil
Weather: Warm (relatively) but grey with some rain. I guess I can’t complain much since it is MID NOVEMBER already!

How I feel: Tired and Restless

Monday’s are always rough, aren’t they? We have a big 200 person, 2 hour staff meeting one Monday morning every month, and today was it! It just throws off the whole day. BUT one of my coworkers got married last weekend, so at least there was cake!

I have another coworker that has lost a significant amount of weight over the last few years, and she has a will of steel when it comes to treats. I am always amazed at her restraint. A quality I have never mastered. How do you handle treat temptations?

Carrot, Squash and Ginger Soup

On a lighter note, I made the most delicious Carrot, Squash and Ginger soup this weekend! Again, not my picture, (I need to get better about that) but I highly suggest you check it out! It’s a wonderful light but filling fall soup!

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4 Responses to Monday Temptations + Squash Soup recipe

  1. When it comes to temptations, some people say they will have a bite so they don’t deprive themselves and binge later. Myself, I have to go cold turkey from treats. If I have one bite I throw out the entire day. We had a biggest loser competition at work so everyone did what they could to bring in healthy treats and encourage everyone. Maybe you can get your coworkers on board?

    • Kristin says:

      Healthy treats are a great idea! We actually have had lots of apples around the office (it is fall in Michigan, after all!) but those don’t seem to go as fast as chocolate cake. 😉

  2. ihavetriedit says:

    The soup looks AMAZING! I love new soup recipes.

    • Kristin says:

      It is really yummy and surprisingly filling! I’ve been eating it all week for lunch. It is sweeter than I expected, hough. I keep thinking that it could maybe use a little bacon on top, but that would definately cancel out some of the heathyness!

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