Goal 1 Complete!

Today marks the last day of the first of many challenges – to avoid eating out. What did I do to celebrate? I went out for lunch! Just kidding – I did go out to lunch, but it was at the request of a coworker who really needed an ear.

In total, I ate out 3 times in two weeks, and got 1 tea latte. That’s really good for me! It’s not uncommon for me to eat out 3-4 times a week “pre-challenge”. Even though I’m moving on to a new challenge I’d like to try to keep this up as much as possible because:

1. I can tell already that I feel better when I don’t eat out. For lunch today, my girlfriend and I went to a local subshop that sells big, greasy, delicious sandwiches. I didn’t even get through half of it when I started having horrible cramps! Granted, it also was probably not the wisest thing to eat after not feeling well.

2. I spent $30 -$40 less this week than I usually do in a normal week. If I can keep it up, that’s $1,500-$2,000 a year!

This brings me to my next goal. Even though exercise is my next biggest priority, I’ll be traveling for the holiday and didn’t want to set myself up for something that I wouldn’t realistically achieve. So instead I’m doing a “no spend” week. Kind of.

Carla over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily introduced me to the concept, and it’s just like it sounds. Don’t spend any money for a week. I’m bending the rules a little and giving myself $20 to spend at the grocery store (for any produce or odds and ends to get me through Wednesday) and my usual allowance for gas. The rest of my usual budget, plus the leftovers from this week, are going to be put toward Christmas Gifts. It certainly won’t cover everything, but it will be a nice start. I’m going to try really hard not to dip into savings this year. How are you covering holiday gifts this year? Have you been saving? Are you making gifts? Any holiday saving tips?

On to today’s stats:

Goal: Eat only what I have in the house.

Sleep: Totally overslept again today 😦
Exercise: None
Food: Granola bar, sunflower seeds, DiBella’s Sub, beef stroganoff w/noodles, green beans, banana, oatmeal cookies (and dough 😀 ).
Water: Not nearly enough
Vitamins: None
Weather: There was snow on my car when I left work today.

How I feel: Ok.

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1 Response to Goal 1 Complete!

  1. I did a lot of holiday shopping at rummage sales over the summer. I found a great sale of full-size Precious Moments figurines (which many in my family collect) for $4 each! I also found a website http://www.bestdealmagazines.com which offers year long subscriptions to popular magazines for less than $5 each! This works out perfectly since we just moved cross-country and this means fewer gifts to mail!

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