Give me an inch…

…and I’ll take a mile! I’m not very good at following my own rules!

This has been a very unusual weekend. Not only do I have a take-home exam that has been kicking my butt (did I mention I’m a grad student?), but car issues have reared their ugly head once again. My dad came by yesterday afternoon to put a new battery in my car and it ended up taking over 4 hours! Luckily he was able to fix the issue without having to purchase any parts or take it to the shop. Thank goodness for dads!

What She’s Spent:
Roomie’s Christmas Present: $30
Panera Bread x2: $18
Trader Joe’s Grocery run: $1

Basically, I spent my $20 budget at Panera. I went there to work on my exam…and eat lunch. Twice. Who can resist the broccoli cheese soup?! I feel like it was justified, but I also think I’ll head to the library tomorrow to finish my test. I was blessed with some evil recessive gene that makes it impossible for me to get any serious schoolwork at home.

I haven’t been keeping specific stats but in general:

Sleep: I’m sleeping enough (7 to 8 hours on week days, 9 to 10 hours on the weekends) and yet I’m still feeling tired a lot of the time. I’m wondering if it’s just the season change? Exercising regularly would help, I’m sure. Thoughts?
Exercise & Vitamins: Nada
Water: Not bad.
Weather: Not as cold as it could be

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One Response to Give me an inch…

  1. No one can resit their brocolli cheese soup. It’s a proven fact. YUM!

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