Post Turkey Update!

My dearest blog, I’m so sorry I’ve abandoned you! If I was feeling under the weather last week, THIS week I was definitely SICK. Who, other than me, would be cool enough to get a stomach bug 3 days before Thanksgiving? I was feeling mostly back to normal in time for turkey. I guess the one good thing is that I ate slightly less than I normally would have?

I did pretty well with the budget for the rest of the week.

Here’s what she spent:

Life (outside of fixed expenses):
– Soup and Ginger ale: $8
– Lunch on Friday: $10

Christmas Presents:
Gourmet Hot Chocolate for the Beau: $18
This awesome apron and the book Science Fair Season for my chemist roommate: $30

Would it be uncouth to read this book before I give it to her? It looks so interesting! I flipped through the first few pages and it seems like it will be a quick read.

And lastly, for ME!
– A Roku Streaming Box: $55 (I found it on today)

Although this is technically for me, it’s also sort of a gift for my roommate. Our 6 month promotion with our cable company just ended and our bill shot up to $110 a month! We are fighting the man and trading our cable box for this little Roku box and switching to various internet subscriptions. This should cut our total cost in half!

Has anyone ditched their cable company? I have the TV on a lot, but I can’t say I watch a lot of TV. Mostly re-runs on TLC, HGTV, FoodNetwork and Bravo. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to watch less crap! I’ll keep you posted on our adventure!


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