Thanks to everyone who read and commented on my mini melt down. I’m in a very intensive class this semester where some classmates and I have been putting our all into a huge project. BUT we gave our final presentation last night, it was awesome, and now we’re DONE. I am exhausted. I’ve seriously zoned out about 4 times just writing this paragraph.

However, I’ve decided to break my “no counting” challenge and get serious about losing weight. I have decided to join Weight Watchers online. Yep. Right before Christmas. If I have the same kinds of results that I did last time, I expect to lose 5-6 lbs by the holiday.

Don’t worry, this is not going to become a “Weight Watchers blog”, but I am excited about having some accountability. I plan to pick back up with my personal challenges and check-ins again.

Off to bed with me and my foggy brain. More tomorrow. Gnight!


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