Do something for YOU this week

It’s no surprise that most of the blogs I read revolve around personal finance or health/weight loss. As you all know, this time of the year puts a HUGE stress on both of those things, and everyone is feeling the crunch. Myself included! I have challenge for YOU! Do something nice for yourself this week! There’s still time!

Today was one of the grossest, rainy-est, blah humbug kind of days and when lunchtime rolled around I desperately wanted to get out of the office. Normally I would just head home for lunch, but we’re stingy with the heat around here, and I knew the apartment would be just as cold and gloomy as the office.

So, I did some research and headed to my local Panera Bread where I could treat myself to a warm meal and a seat by the fireplace, all within my financial and Weight Watchers budget. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. At least today.

Share the love, bloggers. Love yourself.

Today’s Stats:

Goal: Watch less TV

Sleep: Why is your bed the comfy-est when it’s time to wake up?
Exercise: 30 mins of yoga after work
Food: Yogurt with crushed pineapple, banana, Panera chicken noodle soup, greek salad, baguette, an apple, 2 bean and cheese tacos, baby carrots and bell pepper with veggie dip, several triscuits with hummus.
Water: Pretty good!
Vitamins: Multi vitamin & Fish oil
Weather: Yuck!

How I feel: Like I really should have worked on my paper tonight…

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