Back to Reality

After two wonderful weeks of having him here, my boyfriend made the cross-country trek back to the West Coast last night. While it’s very sad to see him go, I must say that I am looking forward to getting back into my normal routine again.

Even though we made a solid effort at the beginning to curb our usual indulgent eating and spending habits, we definitely fell off the wagon after spending New Year’s with my family. I’ve haven’t been tracking my Weight Watchers points for over a week, and the scale has been bouncing all over the place, but now my classes have started again, I’m back to work and we’re on the long haul until summer. It’s time to get cooking again, get myself into some kind of exercise routine and be thankful that Friday is payday!

In more exciting news, I’ve already made some progress on my 25 by 25 list! Make sure to check out my 25 by 25 page, where I’ve added fancy-pants tickers for some of the on-going things.

11. Learn how to cook fish that I like to eat
1/6/12 – Salmon with Orzo Pilaf
Joe made salmon with an orzo pilaf that was very easy and pretty tasty. I’m going to leave this on the list because I didn’t actually cook the fish, and while I liked it well enough, I can’t say that I loved it or anything. If you have any good recipes, please send them my way!

13. Bake for the office 4 times
1/6/12 – Cinnamon Raisin bread
I swear, I really was going to take pictures of this. And I did actually take a few of the dough…but then I forgot to take any more. Soooo you’ll just have to head over to Budget Bytes (which you should be reading anyway!) and take a look at Beth’s excellent step-by-step photos. It might look a little complicated, but it is SO easy! And delicious! It was a huge hit.

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