I Saved! Now What?

Back in November, I posted this post about seperating my Emergency Savings from my savings for fun stuff. Shortly after, I opened a new account dedicated just for that with a goal of eventually stocking it to $1,000. Thanks to December being a 3 paycheck month, I’ve already reached that goal!

…Just in time to spend some of it. You see, my former college roommate and I are taking a long weekend this week and road-tripping to Washington DC. While I am SO excited to see her and to see the Nation’s capital for the first time as an adult, it hurts my soul a little bit to have to dig into that money so soon.

Yes, I’m aware that this is the exact reason I started this fund in the first place. Yes, I’m aware that I will only make a small dent, and it won’t take me that long to replace. YES, I would much rather pay cash for this trip than rack up a bill on my credit card. But I would still much rather hoard my shiney new savings for a little while longer.

Sigh. Does anyone else get emotionally attached to money or would you be jumping up and down at the chance to spend it? Every time I have to dig into my savings, even if its for a perfectly appropriate and necessary reason, I feel like I’m giving away my first born child.

Do I need help?

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One Response to I Saved! Now What?

  1. thedebtpreoccupation says:

    I totally feel your pain! It is so hard to save money that you perspective of it changes! I hope you can enjoy your trip and stick to a budget that doesn’t hurt too much! My husband can attest to how much I hate spending money and how depressed I get if I have to use any of our savings! SO in answer to your question, no I don’t think you need help. But if you do, I need it too!

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