DC Debreif!

Hello Blogging Friends!

 I have made it safely home from DC, and we had an awesome time, despite the cold and grey weather. My bestest friend Katie and I stayed with her cousin, Mike, who was an excellent host. I feel like we got the perfect mix of touristy sight-seeing and local insight.

Here are the highlights:

Anglo-Saxon Hoard: Gold from England’s Dark Ages at the National Geographic Museum
Believe it or not, this exhibit was the whole reason we took this trip in the first place. And it was super cool. The pictures do not do it justice. To think that craftsmen could create such beautiful pieces with such minute details hundreds of years ago is astonishing. I know that NatGeo claims that this is the Hoard’s only US appearance, but if it ever makes it to a museum near you, I would highly recommend seeing it.

 Smithsonian American History Museum
Despite being overrun by school groups, I must admit that seeing Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Gown, the original Muppets, Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers and the original American Flag was pretty neat. Next time I hit up DC, I definitely need to leave more time for the Smithsonian’s. You could easily spend a full day in each one, so we just saw select exhibits from each.

District of Pi
Really. Good. Pizza. Especially the deep dish. ‘Nough said.

Eastern Market
We could have spent way more time here browsing the many booths if we weren’t freezing our faces off. I bought a cute hat and oogled at a lot of really cool jewelry.  We also had a delicious brunch at a tavern across the street.

Sadie and Poppy
This really has nothing to do with DC, but Sadie and Poppy are our host’s two pet rats. I know what you might be thinking, but they were adorable. I was also surprised at their very distinctive personalities. I guess I like rats. Who knew?

Again, this really has nothing to do with DC, but I thought that a 6 hour road trip was the perfect excuse to get a new toy. I’ve been on the fence about these since they first appeared on the market, but Joe got one before he came to visit for Christmas, and in playing with it, I really saw the appeal. I think the best part (and probably the most dangerous) is the instant access to what I want to read, when I want to read it. Should I have waited until my birthday before I took the plunge? Probably. Am I really enjoying it? Yes.

I also managed to cross some things off my 25×25 list. Stay tuned for that update later this week!

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