25×25 Update – 1 Month

I wanted to give an update on my 25 by 25 list because I accomplished a few things on my trip to DC, but I think it would be nice to check in at the end of ever month. So, consider this the first of many updates. Remember, you can check in on the full list at any time on the 25 by 25 page which I have been updating regularly. One might eve say compulsively.


1. Lose 25 lbs

Thanks to the lovely holiday, it’s taken me 8 weeks to lose (and gain, and re-lose) 5lbs, but I can still reach my goal if I can average 1lb a week until the end of the challenge.

2. Walk/Run/Bike/Crawl 500 miles

As I’m writing this, I’m about 12 miles behind where I should be in this challenge. I’ve decided to do one workout a week on the bike to help me stay caught up.

I’m on week 2 of the Couch to 5K program, and it’s actually going better than I expected it to. Not to say that it isn’t challenging, because it totally is, but I can already start to feel a difference when I run jog.

5. Save $4000

My savings definitely took a hit thanks to my recent trip and my Kindle purchase. Luckily, I’m expecting a decent tax refund, which will give this goal nice boost!

6. Read 6 books for pleasure
1/27/12 – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

My first read on my new Kindle! Spurred by the movie coming out, I managed to finish this in a weekend (ok fine, the time in the car helped a little…). I liked it, although it took some effort to get into it.

9. Take a real vacation (staying with Joe at his parent’s doesn’t count)
Jan 2011 – Weekend in DC

I’m not sure if a ‘vacation’ where half your time is spent in the car really counts, but I’ll take it for now. I’m not sure that I’ll have the opportunity for another until after I finish my Master’s program in July.

18. Enjoy 3 cultural events (Plays, concerts, museum exhibits, lectures, etc)
1/20/12 – National Geographic Museum

I said it before and I’ll say it again, the Anglo-Saxon Hoard exhibit was super-duper cool. Out of all the things I did in DC, this was hands-down my favorite. You can see pictures and read more about it at the hoard’s website.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the progress I’m making on all my goals. Did you make any goals or resolutions for yourself this year? How are they going?


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2 Responses to 25×25 Update – 1 Month

  1. thedebtpreoccupation says:

    all month I have been meaning to make goals and/or resolutions…maybe I should consider my procrastination a challenge?

    Quick question for you….do you have to defend your master’s thesis? –> If not, then congratulations on all the hard work you are doing I love seeing your little thermometer things increasing! –> If so, then, again, congratulations on all the hard work you are doing I love seeing your little thermometer things increasing! But watch out that you don’t spread yourself to thin! My suggestion would be to keep school your first priority and to forgive yourself easily if you can’t keep up your other goals.

    “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among stars”. You are on a great path! Get ready to destroy February!

    • Kristin says:

      Thanks for your encouragement! At first I thought the tickers were a little dorky, but I get so much satisfaction from adding to them!

      My program is geared more to professionals in the workforce and less so to academic types, so I do not have to write and defend a thesis. Thank goodness! I don’t think I would ever finish if I did! I just so happen to be in what will probably be the most challenging semesters of my program right now (100+ pages of reading a week – ugh!) so, it’s less than likely that I’ll be able to keep up this pace on my goals, but a lot of them serve as nice reminders to make time for things I really enjoy like cooking and reading for pleasure. Who can’t get behind that? Who knows, maybe when this is done I’ll even enjoy running!

      You should make some goals for yourself. Even if they’re small, I find it very rewarding to be working towards something.

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