KISS Me, Housekeeping!

As some of you may already know, I am in the 2nd to last semester of a graduate program in Communication. I’m currently taking two classes, which is my normal load, but somewhere along the lines I apparently engaged in some very poor planning. It just so happens that I have what are the two most labor intensive classes of my whole program right now. At the same time. I have never had to do so much reading in my life. I swear, I have scholarly articles coming out of my ears!

So, as you might guess, between working full time, being a grad student and trying to log 500 miles of cardio by June, I’ve been a little busy lately! This last weekend, my to do list was so long, I knew there was no way I’d get it all done. Especially if I wanted to have any time to myself.

But, when I was at the gym on Saturday I read an something in Good Housekeeping that turned on a light bulb for me. In the article, the author explained how her New Year’s resolution was that any task she could do in 1 minute or less (like hanging up her coat or putting that glass in the dishwasher) she would do in the moment. I think that that is a brilliant rule to live by.

As she went on about how much easier her life was after making this change, I got to thinking…If one minute could make such a difference, just think of what I could do in 10 minutes! For the past two days I’ve set the timer for 10 minutes  as soon as I get home from work and dedicated that time to cleaning up around the house.

Yesterday I put a way a load of laundry and cleaned off my desk (which has been on my to-do list for weeks). Today, I recycled all the junk mail that’s been laying around and filed some recipe cards back in my recipe file. You might be surprised how much you can get done in 10 minutes! I will admit, today I came home and thought “really? I have to do stuff for 10 whole minutes before I can lounge on the couch?!” But then I remembered that 10 minutes is not a big deal and that I should just stop whining and get to it.

Today, my to do list looks much more manageable and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time this weekend for reading more scholarly articles. Can’t wait.

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