Still Alive & 2 Fitness Wins!

My dearest blog,

I’m so sorry to have abandoned you. I have had a darn crazy couple of weeks. I could bore you with my sob story, but I’m sure you’d rather I not, so I’ll just go straight to the fun stuff.

1. I did my first ever outdoor run yesterday!
Except, mine looked nothing like that photo. It was dark. And starting to snow. What on earth would prompt me to break in my running shoes on real pavement on a dark and snowy night, you ask? Well, due to the unusually-warm-for-February-in-Michigan weather we’ve had the past few days, it was about 8million degrees inside my gym. And I couldn’t handle it. So, I thought I’d give the great outdoors a shot, and I really enjoyed it! It was much more interesting than jogging on the treadmill, for sure. I look forward to the weather getting nicer so I can hit the pavement more often.

2. I increased my distance by half a mile today!
Not to reveal how pitifully slow I still am, let me just say that I logged half a mile more in 1h 5m today than I could in 1 hour when I first started. And no, I am no where close to being able to run half a mile in 5 minutes. I think it’s really cool to finally have some tangible evidence that I am getting stronger. Definitely a non-scale-victory for the books.

Stay tuned for a full 25 x 25 update to come over the next few days!

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