An Open Letter to Jimmy John’s

Dear Jimmy John’s,

Yesterday, I had an unfortunate experience with a Jimmy John’s delivery car in Ann Arbor on my commute home from work. Until now, I was blissfully unaware that “freaky fast” delivery required employing “freakishly rude” drivers.

I was sitting at a red light, waiting to turn right when the JJ’s delivery car behind me honked. “Odd…” I thought, as I waited for the light to turn green. But then he honked again. And again. And again. And continued incessantly until the light turned. A coworker of mine was following me home after work, and had been right behind me until the JJ’s delivery car weaseled (more like forced) his way between us. I had no desire to turn right into traffic and leave her stranded behind.

A minute later, when we finally made it around the corner, the Jimmy John’s driver sped around me into the left lane and I was able to see that the rear bumper of his Honda was completely missing. Clearly this guy and his excellent road manners had at least one traffic “run in” before.

So, Jimmy John’s, please remind your “freakishly fast” drivers that the only thing you are required to do at a red light is stop. It’s unfortunate, but I will forever associate the Jimmy John’s brand with the obnoxious “honk honk” of a Honda behind me, waiting not-so-patiently in rush hour traffic.

Less than love,


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2 Responses to An Open Letter to Jimmy John’s

  1. thedebtpreoccupation says:

    Ugh! Yuck! Did you call the store to complain? I would also suggest e-mailing this blog post to their head office!

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