This is It.

It’s happened. I’ve had my “oh shit” moment. Now, I knew from getting on the scale that my weight was up a pound or two…or five or seven. As a woman, I expect my weight to fluctuate from time to time, so I chalked it up to hormones, water, one too many cookies…whatever. No big deal.

And then, tonight, I put on one of my favorite skirts. A pencil skirt, which had been moved to the back of the closet in favor of summer dresses. I’m sure you’ve probably guessed by now, but it barely fit. Like, could hardly zip it, no WAY I could wear it out didn’t fit.

Not only do I refuse to buy all new clothes for the winter, but the worst of it is that I just had that skirt taken in maybe 6 months ago. Talk about motivation, eh? First thing I did after taking that thing off was to do my strength work out for the night and pack myself a healthy lunch.

Fresh start starts right now.

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