I Might Be a Fellon…

I think I may have walked out of the grocery store today without paying for my groceries! I’m not so absent minded that I walked out with a full cart, but I was using the self check-out and have NO recollection of paying for my loot! Luckily, I probably only had between $15 and $20 worth of stuff, but I still feel guilty! I think I must still be a little out of it after spending 3.5 hours walking around the North American International Auto Show yesterday!

Anyway, after 20 days, I have finally gotten back to my pre-holiday weight. Hallelujah! I’m trying to shake the feeling of having wasted a month of potential progress and focus on the fact that I’m back on track. One thing I’m doing this year that I haven’t always been good at keeping up with is tracking my measurements.

Here’s my progress so far:Waist: -1in
Hips: -.75in
Bust: -.5in
Thighs: -.25in
Arms: 0

I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw the results. I swear I didn’t arrange them specifically like that! Overall I’ve lost 2.5 inches in 2 weeks. Not bad at all! I’ve already started to notice my pants fitting a little better.

Do you keep track of your measurements? How often do you measure?

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