What I Ate Wednesday

As I’ve mentioned a time or two before, I love food. Rarely have I met a food item I haven’t liked. As such, I love when people share what they’re eating every day. Not only is it fun to see, but it also is a great way to get some new ideas!

That being said, I am a bit way behind the curve when it comes to technology. I feel like I’m the only person left on the planet that doesn’t have a SmartPhone, and have no quick and easy way of sharing my meals like so many of us do. So, while I may be sparing the world of one more “Wait! I have to take a picture first!” at the dinner table, I am feeling a little left out! You’d all probably get pretty bored of watching me eat the same thing over and over anyway (ah, the joys of cooking for one!).

Instead, I’m going to continue last weeks trend and do more of a “recipe roundup” once a week. This still gives me the opportunity to share what I’m cooking and it will make for a nice catalog of new recipes I’ve tried!

Without further ado, here are the recipes of the week!

1) Creamy Thai Sweet Potatoes and Lentils

I love lentils. And sweet potatoes. And Thai food! So I pretty much could not contain my excitement when I found this recipe. Here’s the other thing – I thought I didn’t like cooked cabbage (which you will also find it this totes delish and way healthy recipe), but I totally do! I like it so much that I’ve been looking up cabbage soup recipes ever since (if you have a good one, please share!).

To cut down a tiny bit on prep time, I used a can of tomatoes with chilies in place of the seeded and diced jalapeno and I used about 2/3 of a bag of coleslaw mix.

2) Chicken Vera Cruz

Don’t let the fact that this is a Diabetics Living recipe fool you. It is simple, tasty, AND it cooks all day in the crockpot while you’re at work. What could be better? I love the idea of my crockpot more than I tend to like the actual result of using it. Most crockpot recipes tend to end up as….mush. Sometimes, tasty mush, but mush all the same. This tasty combo of chicken and potatoes WILL keep it’s shape though, I promise! I replace one of the cans of plain diced tomatoes for one with chilies for some extra zip.  And don’t skip the olive topping. It totally makes the dish!

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