5 Ways to Jazz Up Boneless-Skinless Chicken Breast

I just had the most boring dinner ever, and one that most “dieters” are probably familiar with – baked boneless-skinless chicken breast (with bbq sauce, thank goodness!) and a salad. Blah blah blah! No wonder people get thrown off track so quickly if they think this is how they have to eat every day. I may have been in a pinch, but that’s no excuse!

Here are 5 things I should have done with my chicken breast that would have made it much more enjoyable.

1. Freeze fresh chicken breasts in individual bags with a few tablespoons of your favorite salad dressing. The chicken will marinate as it freezes and thaws. Way better than plain chicken! Great to slice and serve over salad.

2. Dice the chicken and mix with 1 tablespoon of light mayo and a squirt of mustard to make a quick chicken salad. Add some diced celery and onion if you have it! Curry powder and raisins are also an excellent edition. Eat on a piece of toast, on top of a salad or on its own.

3. Slice chicken and roll up in 2 taco-sized tortillas with salsa and some shredded cheese.

4. Slice chicken and toss with some bottled teriyaki sauce. Serve over rice (boil in a bag rice is a godsend!) and some mixed veggies.

5. Brush the chicken breast with lemon juice or dijon mustard, then roll in seasoned breadcrumbs. Bake as usual.

Even in a pinch, there’s no reason to eat a bland, plain-ole chicken breast again!  What are some of your favorite ways to cook a chicken breast when you’re in a pinch?

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