Clothes Woes + My Workout Routine

I am so anxious to get into a smaller size pants I could scream. I have been telling myself that I’m a size 12, even though I’ve actually been a 14 for at least a year now. It’s amazing how I’ve managed to blame every pair of pants I own for their “weird sizing” instead of taking a look at the root issue.

I noticed last weekend that one of my pairs of jeans has gotten quite loose and I was thrilled. This morning, I raced over to Target (love their jeans!) to try on the size 12. I pulled them up with ease. The thighs looked great. Butt looked fantastic! And then I zipped them and…epic muffin top. Siiigh. I guess it’s just a belt for me for now. I have always had a very straight shape, so my waist is pretty thick compared to width of my hips. I’m hoping that there’s a little bit of an hour glass somewhere in there and that I’ll find it soon!

I know I’ve said it about 8 million times, but I seriously love my Body Sculpt class. It’s essentially a circuit training class and the only equipment we use is hand weights, mats and exercise balls. What I like most about it is that it’s given me an arsenal of really basic but effective strength training moves that I can do on my own. I thought I would share my typical work out with you guys. I hope you’ll find it useful and maybe it will give you some ideas!

Cardio: 30 mins on the treadmill

  • 20 minutes running
  • 5 minute warm up + cool down

Strength: 15(ish) minutes
I like to use 6lb weights hand weights for this, but the low weight ones tend to walk off from the studio I like to use in my gym. The body builders in the “real” weight room are still a little intimidating. Depending on what’s available, I’ve used anything from 5-8lbs for these.

  • 10 lunges w/bicep curls (2 reps)
  • 10 squats w/shoulder press (2 reps)
  • 10 tricep presses (2 reps)
  • 15 crunches (3 reps + 5 to make it an even 50)
  • 10 leg lifts (3 reps)
  • Side planks – hold as long as you can on each side
  • 15 wall pushups (2 reps) I do these in the shower 🙂

What does your typical routine look like? Is there anything here that I’m missing?

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2 Responses to Clothes Woes + My Workout Routine

  1. amylynne437 says:

    Wonderful work out! The only thing I like to do differently is add a few sets of 15 mountain climbers in between to help keep my heart rate up. So great to hear you are getting results!

  2. darlinjackie says:

    Way to go Kristin! Glad to see you back blogging!

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